Monday, September 28, 2009

Sit back and enjoy the show

A selection from a photographic series of images shot at a semi secret location in Sydney. Beautiful, yet, decaying graffiti images are sprayed on the walls and surfaces of this abandoned warehouse filled with the decomposing remains of vehicles and assorted relics of a bygone era. The richness of colour provided by the artwork on the walls is balanced by the earthy textures and rusty facades of the decrepit environment. As nature invades this once populated space, I, as a witness to the ephemeral wonder, was impelled to document the drama taking place before my eyes. Using the idea of watching the scenes unfold before me, I utilised the symbolic (and abundant) object of a chair to engage the viewer so they would consider appreciating the amazing location for themselves by sitting back and enjoying the show.
All Images © Ben Herman 2009

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